The Pursuit of "Figuring Out Me"- Our Purpose!

Growing up, if you didn't feel good, my late grandmother would always say, Comb your hair, put on your lipstick, and it'll make you feel better! (she loved her wigs and dark burgundy lipstick) As my normal routine, when feeling down, I'll comb my hair, fill in my brows, apply my lip gloss, and as always told, I'll felt better. Of course, I thought it was mind thing, I mean, it was apart of my " Snatch it Together" routine since I was a kid! Venturing out, gaining my own wisdom and knowledge, I realized, my "Snatch it Together" routine was vital to my "Mental Happiness". Through my journey of "Figuring Out Me" I found, the routine was vital to fulfilling "My Purpose"!

Belle of the Ball started out as a Mink Lash Line. While launching the lash line, I was in state of depression. As with all women, the titles of my life, pulled me in many directions. A woman, a wife, a mother, a stepmom, working full-time, and in the midst of it all trying to start two business!

I mean what was I thinking, taking on so much?! I've always dreamed of and talked about starting a business, I finally gained the confidence to pursuit my dreams. Through my pursuit, I found my purpose.

Let me take you back a couple of years. Between 2003-2004 at church, (while figuring out me) the preacher looked at me and told me, something along the lines of " You're suppose to help women and girls, you're supposed to help people."

Immediately, I was lost! Like Lord, how Imma' do that! Now I laugh- but I was lost , I was 18 or 19 years old and I WAS LOST, LOST! Fast forward to my 30's, with my line of work, I realized my purpose, but I didn't realize, how I could make it fun for me while helping others!

Then while talking to one of my co-workers at work in November of 2015,  Belle of the Ball was born, she relit my childhood flame of becoming an entrepreneur. I launched my website in January of 2017. Little did I know, class was still in session, I needed to go through a little bit more and learn a little bit more, before I could set out to fulfill my purpose! 

Belle of the Ball is built around maintaining "Mental Happiness", you know the saying, you are what you eat, we say, "You are what you wear"! So we decided to give our products uplifting, relatable names such as Faith, Ambitious, Focused, Empowered, Visionary, Black Queen, C.E.O. just to name a few! Names that speak existence in to your life and help you in your everyday journey of "Figuring Out You"  We want every woman to know just how powerful she is!!! 

You are, "The Belle of the Ball"!